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Pro Series Soft Touch Logic Analyzer Adapter

ET's AS-MICTOR38TP-SOFTTCH-1 logic analyzer adapter mounts to the Pro Series soft touch footprint[1] and converts it into easily accessible header pins or a MICTOR connector. This product is meant to provide a simple to use probing solution for those engineers who have designed the Pro Series soft touch footprint onto their PCB, but do not have access to Agilent Pro Series soft touch probes, Tektronix D-Max™ probes, or any other probes designed to mate to this industry standard footprint. This solution allows engineers to utilize their existing logic analyzer probes designed for connecting to header pins or MICTOR connectors to perform their logic analysis.


Engineers performing logic analysis have a limited number of methods of connecting the system to the logic analyzer. Methods include: connection to header pins via flying leads, grabbers or sockets, connection to Tyco/AMP’s MICTOR connector, connection to Samtec’s ASP-65067-01 connector, connection to PCB footprints designed exclusively for the logic analyzer, and recently, connection to the Pro Series soft touch footprint. The most generic method is connection via header pins, as most logic analyzers have the means to make such connections.

As system engineers design ever complicated digital systems, the need for debugging ability is a primary design criterion. Because of this, test points or pads are designed onto the PCB specifically to provide access to the signals. However, implementing the Pro Series soft touch footprint onto the PCB requires the engineer to upgrade the logic analyzer’s probe for this specific connection. But not any longer! With ET’s AS-MICTOR38TP-SOFTTCH-1, the most common probe technology can be used to mate to the footprint, either through 0.1" pitch header pins or through Tyco/AMP’s 2-767004-2 MICTOR connector.

The AS-MICTOR38TP-SOFTTCH-1 allows system designers to be forward looking in implementing the Pro Series soft touch footprint into their designs, but gives them the flexibility in choosing the logic analyzer probe used to do the logic analysis. The benefits of this approach are numerous, especially the R&D cost savings in not needing to purchase a new probe and reduced time to market leveraged from using existing known and good hardware.

Features and Benefits

  • Converts the Pro Series soft touch footprint to 0.1” pitch header pins and a 38-pin Tyco/AMP 2-767004-2 MICTOR connector.
  • Allows the system designer to implement the Pro Series soft touch footprint into the design, but allows the connection of existing generic probe technology.
  • Allows the use of tools such as oscilloscopes, DMMs, spectrum analyzers, etc. to mate to the Pro Series soft touch footprint.
  • Compliant pogo-pin design ensures contact with non-coplanar PCB pads and also aids in breaking through PCB pad contamination.
  • Utilizes Agilent’s E5403A retention module to ensure the adapter’s robust connection to the target PCB and also to ensure pin-to-pad alignment.
  • Compact and symmetric design allows side-by-side and back-to-back placement.
  • Pin numbers silk-screened onto PCB for easy identification.
  • Reduces R&D capital expenditure by eliminating the need to buy an expensive footprint-specific probe.
  • Speeds project time to completion by using existing known and good hardware and eliminating lead-time in purchasing a new footprint-specific probe.
  • Typical delivery from stock to four weeks.

Supported Logic Analyzer Probes

The AS-MICTOR38TP-SOFTTCH-1 allows the following probes to mate to the Pro Series soft touch footprint:

Agilent Logic Analyzer Probes
  • E5339A: single-ended MICTOR to 40-pin pod connector
  • E5346A: single-ended MICTOR to 40-pin pod connector
  • E5351A: single-ended MICTOR to 40-pin pod connector
  • E5380A: single-ended MICTOR to 90-pin pod connector
  • E5381A: differential flying leads to 90-pin pod connector
  • E5382A: single-ended flying leads to 90-pin pod connector
  • E5383A: single-ended flying leads to 40-pin pod connector
Tektronix Logic Analyzer Probes
  • P6417: single-ended flying leads
  • P6418: single-ended flying leads
  • P6434: single-ended MICTOR
  • P6810: differential flying leads
  • P6960: single-ended flying leads (optional kit)
Other Logic Analyzer Probes<
  • Any probe with flying leads or MICTOR mating ability

Supporting Documentation

Ordering Information

Item Description Drawing
Complete Pro Series Soft Touch to MICTOR/Header Pins Adapter F7540PDF Icon
MICTOR/Header Pins to Male Connector Assembly S3047PDF Icon
Pogo Pin Block to Female Receptacle Assembly S3046PDF Icon
Pro Series Soft Touch Retention Module F8049PDF Icon

Images (Click to Enlarge)

AS-MICTOR38TP-SOFTTCH-1 line drawing
AS-MICTOR38TP-SOFTTCH-1 line drawing
AS-MICTOR38TP-SOFTTCH-1 disassembled
AS-MICTOR38TP-SOFTTCH-1 side-by-side
AS-MICTOR38TP-SOFTTCH-1 side-by-side
AS-MICTOR38TP-SOFTTCH-1 back-to-back
AS-MICTOR38TP-SOFTTCH-1 back-to-back

[1] http://www.agilent.com/about/newsroom/presrel/2004/22jun2004c.html

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