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Lab & Rework Accessories - Meterman Handheld DMMs

XR Series DMMs
MM-30XR Manual ranging with non-contact voltage tester
MM-37XR True RMS with component and logic test
MM-38XR True RMS with optical PC interface
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MM-DM73B - Pen Probe Style Digital Multimeter

PockMM-Size, Basic DMMs
MM-DM9 - Pocket DMMs with Battery Testers
MM-DM78A - 3¾ Digit Digital Display, Pocket Size DMM

Compact, Low-cost XP Series
MM-15XP A compact digital multimeter for electronics and test applications
MM-35XP A compact, full-featured digital multimeter for plant maintenance

High Accuracy & Performance 2000 Series
Wavetek Meterman MM-2015 - Autoranging Digital Multimeters

Accessories Compatibility

Tel: 1-800-ADAPTER, (1-800-232-7837)
Fax: (408) 982-0664

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