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Ericsson Bluetooth Module Production Socket & Prototyping Adapter

Features & Benefits

  • Designed to fit Ericsson ROK 104 001 MCM (Multi Chip Module)
  • 70% smaller footprint than the ROK 101 device
  • Allows for easy insertion and removal of module for upgrade, replacement and repair
  • Eliminates damage to valuable PCBs
  • Perfect for high volume production applications and prototypes - especially PDAs and cell phones
  • Two types of surface mount footprints available, as well as thru hole, for easy mounting to your printed circuit board
  • Prototyping adapters available with machine pins or wire wrap posts on bottom


  • Prototyping
  • Mass Production
  • Future Upgrades
  • Device Stability
  • Allocation Issues
  • Development
    • Debug
    • Hand Test
  • Test
  • Qualification
Description ET Part# Drawing
Prototyping adapter w/ machine pins & surface-mounted screw-lock socket AB-087-2BG11X8P-PO1-M-1 PDF
Prototyping adapter w/ wire-wrap pins & surface-mounted screw-lock socket AB-087-2BG11X8P-PO1-W-1 PDF
LGA Raised Surface-mount, screw-lock socket S-LPW-087-2BG11X8-29 PDF
LGA Surface-mount, screw-lock socket S-LPW-087-2BG11X8-30 PDF
Thru-hole, screw-lock socket S-LPW-087-2BG11X8-70 PDF
SMT prototyping adapter, machine pins AB-087-2BG11X8S-PO1-M-1 PDF
SMT prototyping adapter, wire-wrap pins AB-087-2BG11X8S-PO1-W-1 PDF
Pre-set torque screwdriver for screw-lock socket ET-TORQ-7CN PDF
Philips adjustable torque screwdriver for screw-lock socket ET-TORQ-5-40CN PDF
Board stencil for surface-mount socket ST-087-2BG11X8-8 PDF