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QFN/MLF Sockets

Test & Burn-In & Open-Top

How to Determine a Part Description

1.) Verify your Pin Count, then your Lead Pitch.
2.) Find the specifications that meet your requirements.
3.) View the PDF for an engineering drawing or have it faxed to you.
4.) Click on the description to view pricing, delivery status, or place your order.


. Available in .40, .50, .65, .80 and 1.00 mm pitches
. Custom pitches down to .30 mm
. Lidded and Open Top Sockets for 3 mm - 10 mm packages
. Lidded Sockets for 10 - 16 mm packages
. Center ground pin standard for all sockets
. Optional copper heat slug available for high wattage devices
. Sockets for over 80 different JEDEC standard footprints


. Mounting Method to Board: Thru-hole Mount
. Socket Operation: Clamshell lid; ZIF Open Top
. Operating Temperature: -50° C to +150° C
. Contact Force: 30 +/- 5 gf
. Life Cycles: 5,000 Mechanical Cycles


. Plastic Body: PPS
. Contact Base Metal: BeCu
. Contact Plating: Au over Ni; NiB optional
. Center Pin Base Metal Brass; Cu optional
. Center Pin Plating: Au; NiB optional
. Springs, Torsion / Coil: Passivated S.S.


. Contact Resistance: < 50 mOhms
. Inductance: 3 nH
. Current Rating: .5A with 30°C rise, 1.0A with 75°C rise
. Volume Resistivity: 1 x 1015 Ohm-cm
. Insulation Resistance: 560 V/mil



Clam Shell
Image of S-MLF-00-028-A,S-MLF-00-028-A



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6 1.00mm 3x3mm S-MLF-00-006-A PDF
6 0.50mm 2x1.5mm S-MLF-00-006-B PDF
6 0.65mm 2x2mm S-MLF-00-006-C PDF
8 1.27mm 6x5mm S-MLF-00-008-A PDF
8 0.50mm 3x2mm S-MLF-00-008-B PDF
8 0.50mm 3x3mm S-MLF-00-008-C PDF
8 1.27mm 6x8mm S-MLF-00-008-D PDF
8 0.65mm 3x3mm S-MLF-00-008-E PDF
8 0.80mm 4x4mm S-MLF-00-008-F PDF
8 0.50mm 2x2mm S-MLF-00-008-G PDF
10 0.50mm 3x2mm S-MLF-00-010-A PDF
10 0.50mm 3x3mm S-MLF-00-010-B PDF
10 0.80mm 4x4mm S-MLF-00-010-C PDF
12 0.50mm 3x3mm S-MLF-00-012-A PDF
16 0.80mm 5x5mm S-MLF-00-016-A PDF
16 0.65mm 4x4mm

*NOTE:Used with Package Thickness of 0.7mm to 1.00mm

16 0.50mm 3x3mm S-MLF-00-016-C PDF
16 0.50mm 3x3mm S-MLF-00-016-D PDF
16 0.50mm 5x5mm S-MLF-00-016-E PDF
16 0.65mm 4x4mm S-MLF-00-016-F*
*NOTE: Used with Package Thickness of 1.4mm to 2.0mm
16 1.00mm 6X6mm S-MLF-00-016-G PDF
20 0.65mm 5x5mm S-MLF-00-020-A PDF
20 0.65mm 5.2x4.2mm S-MLF-00-020-B PDF
20 0.50mm 4x4mm S-MLF-00-020-C PDF
20 0.50mm 4x4mm S-MLF-00-020-C1 NOTE: Open Top PDF
20 0.50mm 4.5x3.5mm S-MLF-00-020-D PDF
20 0.40mm 3x3mm S-MLF-00-020-E PDF
24 0.50mm 4.5x3.5mm S-MLF-00-024-A PDF
24 0.50mm 4x4mm S-MLF-00-024-B PDF
28 0.50mm 5x5mm S-MLF-00-028-A PDF
28 0.80mm 7x7mm S-MLF-00-028-B PDF
28 0.65mm 6x6mm S-MLF-00-028-C PDF
28 0.65mm 6x6mm S-MLF-00-028-C1 NOTE: Open Top PDF
28 0.45mm 4x4mm S-MLF-00-028-E PDF
28 0.50mm 4x5mm S-MLF-00-028-F PDF
32 0.50mm 5x5mm S-MLF-00-032-A PDF
32 0.50mm 5x5mm S-MLF-00-032-A1 PDF
32 0.50mm 6x6mm S-MLF-00-032-B PDF
32 0.65mm 7x7mm S-MLF-00-032-C PDF
32 0.80mm 8x8mm S-MLF-00-032-D PDF
32 0.90mm 9x9mm S-MLF-00-032-E PDF
34 1.27mm 14x9.70mm S-MLF-00-034-A PDF
36 0.50mm 6x6mm S-MLF-00-036-A PDF
40 0.50mm 6x6mm S-MLF-00-040-A PDF
40 0.40mm 5x5mm S-MLF-00-040-B PDF
44 0.50mm 7x7mm S-MLF-00-044-A PDF
44 0.50mm 7x7mm S-MLF-00-044-A2 TBA
44 0.50mm 7x7mm S-MLF-00-044-B PDF
44 0.65mm 9x9mm S-MLF-00-044-C PDF
44 0.65mm 8x8mm S-MLF-00-044-D PDF
48 0.50mm 7x7mm S-MLF-00-048-A PDF
48 0.50mm 7x7mm S-MLF-00-048-A1 NOTE: Open Top PDF
48 0.50mm 7x7mm S-MLF-00-048-B PDF
48 0.50mm 8x8mm S-MLF-00-048-E PDF
48 0.80mm 11.43x11.43mm S-MLF-00-048-K PDF
56 0.40mm 7x7mm S-MLF-00-056-D PDF
56 0.50mm 8x8mm S-MLF-00-056-A PDF
56 0.50mm 8x8mm S-MLF-00-056-A1 NOTE: Open Top PDF
56 0.50mm 9x9mm S-MLF-00-056-B PDF
64 0.50mm 9x9mm S-MLF-00-064-A PDF
64 0.50mm 9x9mm S-MLF-00-064-A1 NOTE: Open Top PDF
64 0.40mm 8x8mm S-MLF-00-064-B PDF
68 0.50mm 10x10mm S-MLF-00-068-A PDF
72 0.50mm 10x10mm S-MLF-00-072-A PDF
88 0.40mm 10x10mm S-MLF-00-088-A PDF
124 0.50mm 12x12mm S-MLF-00-124-A PDF

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S-MLF-00-016-A S-MLF-00-020-A S-MLF-00-028-A S-MLF-00-028-B S-MLF-00-032-A S-MLF-00-048-A S-MLF-00-064-A S-MLF-00-044-A