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QFN/MLF 3-in-1 Adapter System™


The QFN/MLF 3-in-1 Adapter System™ ensures quick and easy configuring and interfacing to an in-circuit emulator, device programmer, logic analyzer or oscilloscope. The first of its kind, this 3-in-1 system provides the solution for test and design engineers needing QFN (Quad Flat Non-leaded) or MLF (Micro Lead Frame) signal access. This system supports the ATMEL® tiny 26, tiny28, Mega 8, Mega 16 and Mega 32 8-bit AVR® Microcontrollers.


  • Run three different applications using one adapter
  • Change and test different chip packages, monitor performance and program QFN/MLF devices with ease without the need to solder chips to your target board
  • Provides direct signal access for instrumentation


Image of QFN MLF - Logic Analyzer/Emulator Configuration
Image of QFN MLF to Programmer Configuration
Atmel Device ET Part Number Pin Count Body Size Lead Pitch Drawing
Mega 8, Tiny28 BCP-032-ML04Z-MEGA8-3IN1 32 5 X 5 0.50mm PDF
Tiny26 BCP-032-ML04Z-TINY26-1 32 5 X 5 0.50mm PDF
Tiny26 BCP-032-ML04Z-TINY26-3IN1 32 5 X 5 0.50mm PDF
Mega 16/32, 8535 BCP-044-ML05Z-MEGA16/32-3IN1 44 7 X 7 0.50mm PDF
Mega 162 BCP-044-ML05Z-MEGA162-1 44 7 X 7 0.50mm PDF
Mega 162, 8515 BCP-044-ML05Z-MEGA162-3IN1 44 7 X 7 0.50mm PDF
GENERIC BCP-064-ML34Z-0000-1 64 9 X 9 0.50mm PDF
GENERIC EPP-064-ML34-SM 64 9 X 9 0.50mm PDF

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