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88Microchip24AA64/LC64/C64 08-ST03, 4.4mm Body, .65mm Pitch.300"AS-08-08-02ST-3PDF
88MicrochipHCS362 08-ST03, 4.4mm Body, .65mm Pitch.300"AS-08-08-03ST-3PDF
8 8 N/A Wired 1-to-1 08-ST36, 3.0mm Body, .65mm Pitch .300" AS-08-08-04ST-3 PDF
88N/AWired 1-to-1 08-ST03, 4.4mm Body, .65mm Pitch.300" AS-08-08-01ST-3PDF
2018MicrochipMCP251020-ST03, 4.4mm Body, .65mm Pitch.300"AS-20-18-01TSS-3YAMPDF
2020Atmel27LV520 20-ST03, 4.4mm Body, .65mm Pitch.600"AS-20-20-02TSS-6YAMPDF
2020N/AWired 1-to-120-ST03, 4.4mm Body, .65mm Pitch.600" AS-20-20-01TSS-6YAMPDF
2424CypressCY3070/3071/307524-SS12, 3.9mm Body, .635mm Pitch.600"AS-24-24-02SS-6WEL-SPDF
28 28 N/A Wired 1-to-1 28-SS03, 4.4mm Body, .65mm Pitch .600" AS-28-28-01TSS-6ENP-GANG PDF
4040N/AWired 1-to-1 40-SS05, 6.1mm Body, .65mm Pitch.600"AS-40-40-01SS-6YAMPDF
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NOTE: (FC XXX-XXXX) = Footprint Code.  See Footprint Section to browse ET footprint drawings.

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