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Upgrade Your MC68040 to an MC68060

   Motorola's MC68060 runs at twice the internal clock speed as the 68040 given the same external clock reference, using a 3.3 volt power supply. It's dual ALU pipelines, floating-point processor and on-chip caches make it more powerful than 68040, even if it were running at the same clock speed. The S68060-2 Smart Socket lets you exploit the greater power of the 68060 with a minimum of hardware fuss. With a software patch available from Motorola, the MC68060 can be made 100% user-mode compatible with the MC68040.

   Since the 68060 only requires a 1x external clock (vs. 2x for the 68040) the same PCLK signal that drives your existing 68040 allows the 68060 to run at twice the internal clock speed. To promote compatibility with existing hardware, the S68060-2 ensures that the 68060 will only make external memory accesses when the 68040 would have done so.

   The S68060-2 is also compatible with the 68040V (a 3.3 volt version of the 68040). Using the S68060-2 you can plug the 68040V into a standard 68040 socket.

Compatibility Issues:

   For your system board to be compatible with the S68060-2, a few conditions need to be met. The skew between leading edges of the BCLK and PCLK signals should be no more than 1ns, and the 68060 should not have to perform bus snooping.

Package Dimensions:
  • Height (when fully inserted): .197"
  • Width: 1.850" square
  • Insertable pin length: .130"
Device photo
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