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Convert-A-SocketT - Production Test Adapters

  • Pre-wired, one-to-one, Convert-A-Sockets convert a production socket to a test/burn-in socket and vice-versa
  • Socket footprints are in-line for production sockets and staggered for burn-in sockets, Convert-A-Sockets eliminate this incompatability
  • Complete line of male/female sockets for LCC, PLCC, and PGA packages
  • Makes it possible to perform repeated insertions using a zero insertion force socket on a printed circuit board equipped with a production socket
  • Low-cost alternative to creating a special board for simple drop and test procedures
  • Pre-assigned wiring for convenience
How to Order

Determine the following characteristics to identify the Emulation Technology part number:

1)  Chip package and target socket (see icon)
2)  Pin count (see Ordering Information Example)
3)  Pick the appropriate part, based on LIF or ZIF, bottom pin type, and socket / no socket

Hundreds of other types of wire wrappable Convert-A-SocketsT are available upon request. Just click here.
Ordering Information Example
Icon Explanation
View Price Description PDF
View Price CS-2-028-PCC6-M-Z-1 PDF
View Price CS-2-044-PCC3-M-Z-1 PDF
View Price CS-2-044-PCC3-W-Z-1 PDF
View Price CS-2-052-PCC4-M-Z-1 PDF
View Price CS-2-052-PCC4-W-Z-1 PDF
View Price CS-2-068-PCC1-M-Z-1 PDF
View Price CS-2-068-PCC1-W-Z-1 PDF
View Price CS-2-084-PCC5-M-Z-1 PDF
View Price CS-2-084-PCC5-W-Z-1 PDF
View Price Description PDF
View Price CS-2-068-LCC2-M-Z-1 PDF
View Price CS-2-084-LCC5-M-Z-1 PDF
View Price Description PDF
View Price CS-4-028-PCC6-W-Z-1 PDF
View Price CS-4-032-PCC7-W-Z-1 PDF
View Price CS-4-044-PCC3-W-Z-1 PDF
View Price CS-4-044-PCC3-S-Z-1 PDF
View Price CS-4-052-PCC4-W-Z-1 PDF
View Price CS-4-052-PCC4-S-Z-1 PDF
View Price CS-4-068-PCC1-W-Z-1 PDF
View Price CS-4-068-PCC1-S-Z-1 PDF
View Price CS-4-084-PCC5-W-Z-1 PDF
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