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PLCC - Socketable Bug Katchers

BC4-028-PCC6-0000, BC4-020-PCC2-0000, BC4-052-PCC4-0000
  • PLCC Bug Katchers make it easy to attach test leads to socketed ICs in PLCC packages
  • Accommodate PLCC packages with 20, 28, 32, 44, 51, 68, and 84 pins
  • Device template eliminates pin identification problems by labeling each test point
  • Fits between your IC and socket
  • Unique PLCC emulator block on bottom circuit board eliniates the need for noisy cables and reduces capacitance and inductance in your set-up
  • Custom adapters available
PLCC Socket
How to Order

1)  Check to see if your chip package and target socket icon is shown in the Device-Specific section. 
2)  If your part is not listed under the appropriate icon, find your chip package and target socket in the Pin-Numbered section. 
3)  Find the pin count that corresponds to your chip package (see Ordering Information Example) and verify your footprint in our Footprint Section.
Ordering Information Example
Pin CountFootprintPin MapTop Socket TypeItemPDFFax Drawing
2020-PCC2GenericLow Insertion ForceBC4-20-PCC2-0000PDFFax
2828-PCC6GenericLow Insertion ForceBC4-28-PCC6-0000PDFFax
3232-PCC7GenericLow Insertion ForceBC4-32-PCC7-0000PDFFax
4444-PCC3GenericLow Insertion ForceBC4-44-PCC3-0000PDFFax
4452-PCC46805Low Insertion ForceBC4-44-PCC3-6805PDFFax
5252-PCC468HC11Low Insertion ForceBC4-52-PCC4-68HC11PDFFax
5252-PCC4GenericLow Insertion ForceBC4-52-PCC4-0000PDFFax
6868-PCC168000/10Low Insertion ForceBC4-68-PCC1-68000/10PDFFax
6868-PCC180186/88Low Insertion ForceBC4-68-PCC1-80186/88PDFFax
6868-PCC1GenericLow Insertion ForceBC4-68-PCC1-0000PDFFax
8484-PCC5GenericLow Insertion ForceBC4-84-PCC5-0000PDFFax

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Fax: (408) 982-0664

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