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HGA (Interstitial) - Socketable Bug Katchers
Probing Adapters

  • Bug Katchers make it easy to attach test leads to socketed ICs in HGA packages
  • Device template eliminates pin identification problems by labeling each test point
  • Top socket is sometimes convertible to a PLCC or PGA package
  • Fits between your IC and socket
  • Unique HGA emulator block on bottom circuit board eliminates the need for noisy cables and reduces capacitance and inductance in your test set-up
  • Custom adapters available
  • Note: Use our handling tool (part # HGA-325-TOOL) to easily open and close the zero insertion force socket on the adapter.
HGA Socket
How to Order

1)  Check to see if your chip is listed in the Device-Specific section.
2)  If your chip is not listed in the Device-Specific section, find your chip package in the Footprint Section
3)  Identify your package by pin count, lead pitch, and package length and width.

Ordering Information Example
14119 x 19ProductionGenericBC7-141-HGA19-0000PDF
29335 x 35Test & Burn-inTMS390Z50BC7-293-HGA35-TMS390Z50PDF
29637 x 37Test & Burn-inGenericBC7-296-HGA37Z-0000-1PDF
30535 x 35ProductionTMS320C80BC7-305-HGA35-TMS320C80PDF
32137 x 37ProductionGenericBC7-321-37HGA-0000-1PDF
32535 x 35Test & Burn-inTMS320C40BC7-325-HGA35-TMS320C40PDF
37037 x 37Test & Burn-inCELERONBC7-370-HGA37Z-CELERON-1PDF
40337 x 37Test & Burn-inGenericBC7-403-HGA37Z-0000-1PDF
41139 x 39Test & Burn-inGenericBC7-411-HGA39Z-0000-1PDF
42937 x 37Test & Burn-inGenericBC7-429-HGA37Z-0000-1PDF
44739 x 39Test & Burn-inGenericBC7-447-HGA39Z-0000-1PDF
46337 x 37Test & Burn-inGenericBC7-463-HGA37Z-0000-1PDF
50343 x 43Test & Burn-inGenericBC7-503-HGA43Z-0000-1PDF

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