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DIP - Socketable Bug Katchers

  • DIP Bug Katchers make it easy to attach test leads to socketed ICs in DIP packages
  • Accommodates DIP packages with 28, 32, 40, 48, and 64 pins
  • Fits between your IC and socket
  • Low profile: 0.75" high (converntional test clips are 1.5" high)
  • Accepts logic analyzer and emulator simultaneously
  • Fully-labeled with mnemonics or generic pin numbers
  • Custom adapters available
DIP Drawings
How to Order

1)  Check to see if your chip package and target socket icons are shown in the Device-Specific section.
2)  If your part is not listed in the Device-Specific section under the appropriate icon, find your chip package and target socket in the Pin-Numbered section. 
3)  Find the pin count that corresponds to your chip package (see Ordering Information Example).
Ordering Information Example
Pin CountDIP widthPin MapTop Socket TypeItemPDF
28.600"GenericLow Insertion ForceBC1-028-DIP6-0000PDF
32.600"GenericLow Insertion ForceBC1-032-DIP7-0000PDF
40.600"8031/51Low Insertion ForceBC1-040-DIP1-8031/51PDF
40.600"GenericLow Insertion ForceBC1-040-DIP1-0000PDF
40.600"GenericLow Insertion ForceBC1-040-DIP4-0000PDF
40.600"GenericZero Insertion ForceBC1-040-DIP1-0000ZPDF
40.600"Z80Low Insertion ForceBC1-040-DIP1-Z80PDF
48.600"GenericLow Insertion ForceBC1-048-DIP2-0000PDF
64.750"64180Low Insertion ForceBC1-064-SDIP-64180PDF
64.900"68000Low Insertion ForceBC1-064-DIP3-68000PDF
64.900"GenericLow Insertion ForceBC1-064-DIP3-0000PDF

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