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Analysis Probes & Software for Agilent Logic Analyzers

Agilent Logic Analyzers

   Emulation Technology's analysis probes are the mechanical and electrical link between the microprocessor in your target system and your Agilent logic analyzer. 

Agilent logic analyzers supported include hardware and software for the following analyzers: 

  • Agilent 1650 series - software in LIF format
  • Agilent 16500 series - software in LIF format
  • Agilent 1660 series - software in LIF format
  • Agilent 16700 series - software in DOS format upon request
  • For Agilent 1680/1690 support, click here to submit your request
To see a sample manual, click here:

Verify the correct analysis probe using our Agilent Analysis Probe & Software Product Selection Table by Microcontroller type.

Agilent Channel Partner
  • Analysis Probes fit between the microprocessor in your target system and your Agilent logic analyzer
  • Interfaces provide pin for pin, passive hardware connection to microprocessors under test
  • Inverse assembly software disassembles the hexadecimal code and translates it into microprocessor mnemonics
Ordering Information Example
(1) Target Board Configuration (PQFP Only): 
       A = Amp Socket 
       T = Textool Socket 
       S = Surface Mountable to PQFP Pads 

   (2) Clip-On Probe: Clip fits over IC to be probed which is soldered into target system. 
       Socketed Probe: IC to be probed is socketed into target system.

01650-63203  E5346A
Product Set

Each analysis probe set includes: 
  • Hardware interface card
  • Inverse assembler and configuration software
  • Operating manual
Note: Termination adapters must be ordered separately.
Probing Accessories and other popular products used with Agilent Logic Analyzers

How to Order

Determine the following characteristics to identify the Emulation Technology part number. 

1)  Microprocessor to be probed (see Agilent Analysis Probe Table). 
2)  Package (and socket type PQFPs) or bus type (see Ordering Information Example). 
3)  Decide if you need a clip on version  (see Ordering Information Example) 

If you need further assistance, please submit a question via our Ask A Technical Question form.

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