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Device Specific BGA Bug Katchers

(Custom designs available for those not listed)
  • Solder the Bug Katcher to the BGA pads on your PC board, then insert your BGA chip into the socket on the Bug Katcher
  • Leads extend from your socketed chip to the edge of the Bug Katcher. You can easily attach test leads to these pins
  • JEDEC standard sizes
  • BGA emulator block on the bottom circuit board eliminates the need for noisy cables and reduces the capacitance and inductance in your test set-up

How to Order

1.) Locate your chip package in the Footprint Section.
2.) Identify your package by pin count, lead pitch, and package length and width.
Ordering Information Example
Description Drawing SMT BGA Base
BCP-0256-2BG016Z-603E-1-BL-TEK PDF BPE-0256-2BG016-BL
BCP-0256-2BG020Z-7750-1-BL PDF BPE-0256-2BG020-BL
BCP-0256-2BG016Z-MPC603-0-BL PDF BPE-0256-2BG016-BL
BCP-0256-2BG016Z-MPC603-1-BL PDF BPE-0256-2BG016-BL
BCP-0256-2BG016Z/A-MPC604-0-BL PDF BPE-0256-2BG016-BL
BCP-0256-2BG016Z/A-MPC604-1-BL PDF BPE-0256-2BG016-BL
BCP-0256-2BG016Z/C-MPC801-0-BL PDF BPE-0256-2BG016-BL
BCP-0256-2BG016Z/C-MPC801-1-BL PDF BPE-0256-2BG016-BL
BCP-0272-2BG021Z-R5000-0-BL PDF BPE-0272-2BG021-BL
BCP-0272-2BG021Z-R5000-1-BL PDF BPE-0272-2BG021-BL
BCP-0324-2BG020Z-82430HX-0-BL PDF (1) (PinMap) BPE-0324-2BG020-BL
BCP-0324-2BG020Z-82430HX-1-BL PDF BPE-0324-2BG020-BL
BCP-0324-2BG020Z-82439HX-0-BL PDF BPE-0324-2BG020-BL
BCP-0324-2BG020Z-82439HX-1-BL PDF BPE-0324-2BG020-BL
BCP-0352-2BG026S-I960RD-HP-0-BL PDF BPE-0352-2BG026-BL
BCP-0352-2BG026S-I960RD-HP-1-BL PDF BPE-0352-2BG026-BL
BCP-0352-2BG026Z-TNETX315-0-BL PDF BPE-0352-2BG026-BL
BCP-0352-2BG026Z-TNETX315-1-BL PDF BPE-0352-2BG026-BL
BCP-0352-2BG026-TMX320-TEK-0-BL PDF BPE-0352-2BG026-BL
BCP-0352-2BG026-TMX320-TEK-1-BL PDF BPE-0352-2BG026-BL
BCP-0352-2BG026Z-I960RP-0-BL PDF BPE-0352-2BG026-BL
BCP-0352-2BG026Z-I960RP-1-BL PDF BPE-0352-2BG026-BL
BCP-0352-2BG026S-I960RP-TEK-0-BL PDF BPE-0352-2BG026-BL
BCP-0352-2BG026Z-I960RP-TEK-1-BL PDF BPE-0352-2BG026-BL
BCP-0357-2BG019P-MPC860-0-HP-BL PDF BPE-0357-2BG019-BL
BCP-0357-2BG019P-MPC860-1-HP-BL PDF BPE-0357-2BG019-BL
BCP-0357-2BG019Z-MPC860-0-TEK-BL PDF BCPE-0357-2BG019-BL
BCP-0357-2BG019Z-MPC860-1-TEK-BL PDF BPE-0357-2BG019-BL
BCP-0357-2BG019Z-MPC821-0-BL PDF BPE-0357-2BG019-BL
BCP-0357-2BG019Z-MPC821-1-BL PDF BPE-0357-2BG019-BL
BCP-0357-2BG019Z-MPC860-0-BL PDF BPE-0357-2BG019-BL
BCP-0357-2BG019Z-MPC860-1-BL PDF BPE-0357-2BG019-BL
BCP-0388-2BG026Z-0000-1-HP PDF BPE-0388-2BG026
BCP-0452-2BG026Z-TMS320C6-TEK PDF BPE-0452-2BG026-BL
BCP-0600-2BG035SL-0000-1 PDF BPE-0600-2BG035-BL
Description Drawing SMT BGA Base
BCP-0256-3BG016P-0000-1-BL PDF BPE-256-3BG016-BL
Description Drawing SMT BGA Base
BCP-0144-6BG013Z-0000-1-BL PDF BPE-144-6BG013-BL

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