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PGA Bug Isolators

  • Disconnect and reconnect any pin of your socketed ICs in a PGA package
  • Each lead can be activated or deactivated using the Bug Isolator's DIP switches
  • Use with an emulator probe to disable unwanted interrupts and resets
  • Connect a scope or other instrument without using an IC test clip
  • By connecting the lead to a test instrument, you can force any pin to any logic level, for the purpose of inducing a fault
  • Available with low insertion force or zero insertion force sockets
  • Custom adapters available
How to Order

Determine the following characteristics to identify the Emulation Technology part number.

1)  Chip package and target socket (see icon) 
2)  Pin count (see Ordering Information Example) 
3)  Choose LIF (low insertion force) or ZIF (zero insertion force).  If you will be inserting and extracting the part more than 5 to 10 times, use a ZIF. 
4)  Verify your footprint in the Footprint Section.

Ordering Information Example
Identify your chip package and target socket by:
Chip Package => Target Socket
11 x 11
View Price Description PDF
View Price BI-068-PGA1-0 PDF
View Price BI-068-PGA1-1 PDF
View Price BI-085-PGA1-0 PDF
View Price BI-085-PGA1-1 PDF
13 x 13
View Price Description PDF
View Price BI-084-PGA3-0 PDF
View Price BI-084-PGA3-1 PDF
14 x 14
View Price Description PDF
View Price BI-132-PGA8-0 PDF
View Price BI-132-PGA8-1 PDF
15 x 15
View Price Description PDF
View Price BI-144-PGA4-0 PDF
View Price BI-176-PGA4-1 PDF
17 x 17
View Price Description PDF
View Price BI-208-PGA10-1 PDF
18 x 18
View Price Description PDF
View Price BI-224-PGA11-0 PDF
View Price BI-224-PGA11-1 PDF

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