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QFP Surface Mount (SMT) Emulator Plugs

P-QFP-14-080-A [TOP] P-QFP-14-080-A [Bottom] (Bare Plug, no PCB)

EP5-080-QF14-YAM (Socket Adapter and Female Pins), S-QFP-SM-080-A (Cover not shown)
Emulator plugs for Surface Mount PQFP Production Sockets
  • Allows emulation using production sockets
  • Small and compact
  • Adapters allow you to plug in the following:
  • --Emulator adapters
    --Logic analyzer/scope adapters
    --Your own custom pod or cable

How to Order

1)  Determine the pin count and footprint of your device (see Footprint Section).
2)  Select the corresponding Footprint Code in the PQFP Plug column of the table.
3)  Select the corresponding socket, plug base, or plug only that you need.

Ordering Information Example
Information Table Explanation
Footprint Code View Price! Description PDF
Footprint View Price Surface Mount Production Socket PDF
View Price Socket Adapter and Female Pin PDF
View Price PQFP Plug PDF

Information Table
Footprint Code View Price! Description PDF
100-QF01 View Price S-QFP-SM-100-C PDF
View Price EP5-100-QF01-YAM PDF
View Price P-QFP-01-100-A PDF
100-QF06 View Price S-QFP-SM-100-D PDF
View Price EP5-100-QF06-YAM PDF
View Price P-QFP-06-100-A PDF
160-QF07 View Price S-QFP-SM-160-A PDF
View Price EP5-160-QF07-YAM PDF
View Price P-QFP-07-160-A PDF
80-QF08-A View Price S-QFP-SM-080-A PDF
View Price EP5-080-QF08-YAM-A PDF
View Price P-QFP-08-080-A PDF
80-QF08-B View Price S-QFP-SM-080-C PDF
View Price EP5-080-QF08-YAM-B PDF
View Price P-QFP-08-080-B PDF
80-QF14 View Price S-QFP-SM-080-B PDF
View Price EP5-080-QF14-YAM PDF
View Price P-QFP-14-080-A PDF
64-QF29 View Price S-QFP-SM-064-B PDF
View Price EP5-064-QF29-YAM PDF
View Price P-QFP-29-064-A PDF
100-QF49 View Price S-QFP-SM-100-B PDF
View Price EP5-100-QF49-YAM PDF
View Price P-QFP-49-100-A PDF
144-QF10 View Price S-QFP-SM-144-B PDF
View Price EP5-144-QF10-YAM PDF
View Price P-QFP-07-160-A PDF
144-QF63 View Price S-QFP-SM-144-A PDF
View Price EP5-144-QF63-YAM PDF
View Price P-QFP-63-144-A PDF

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