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PGA, HGA, PQFP Emulator Pods

Emulator Pods
  • Emulator pods can be wired directly to test equipment or emulators where access to a PGA or PQFP socket is required
  • Available with male 0.025" square wirewrap posts or 12", 18" and 36" cables
  • Adapter can be used to connect a daughter board to a motherboard via wire wrap posts
  • Now available for soldering to PQFP SMT pads on a PC board, allows you to lay out your PC board with PQFP pads and still access your PC board with test equipment
Ordering Information Example
PGA with Cable
PGA Drawings
PGA with Wire Wrap Posts
View Price! Description Dim. A PDF
10 X 10
View Price EP2-068-PGA2-18 1.70" SQ. PDF
11 X 11
View Price EP2-068-PGA1-12 1.80" SQ. PDF
14 X 14
View Price EP2-196-PGA8-18 2.40" SQ. PDF

PQFP with Cable
PQFP Drawings
PQFP with Wire Wrap Posts

View Price! Description Dim. A Dim. B PDF
View Price EP5-100-QF01T-SM 1.05" SQ. .600" PDF
View Price EP5-100-QF01T-W 2.20" SQ. .600" PDF
View Price EP5-132-QF03T-W 2.20" SQ. .600" PDF

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