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Compact PLCC Emulator Pods

EP4-084-PCC5-18-NB, EP4-052-PCC4-18-NB

  • Emulator pods can be wired directly to test equipment or emulators where acess to a PLCC socket is required in a confined space
  • Available with 12", 18", and 32" cables
  • Adapter can be used to connect a daughter board
PLCC with Cable
PLCC with Cable
How to Order

1)  Determine the footprint of your device (see Footprint Section).
2)  Select cable length: 12", 18", or 32", when applicable
3)  Select the corresponding ET part # from the table

Ordering Information Example
View Price! Description Dim. A PDF
View Price EP4-020-PCC2-18-NB .50" PDF
View Price EP4-028-PCC6-18-NB .60" PDF
View Price EP4-032-PCC7-12-NB .60" X .70" PDF
View Price EP4-032-PCC7-18-NB .60" X .70" PDF
View Price EP4-044-PCC3-12-NB .80" PDF
View Price EP4-044-PCC3-18-NB .80" PDF
View Price EP4-052-PCC4-18-NB .90" PDF
View Price EP4-068-PCC1-12-NB 1.10" PDF
View Price EP4-068-PCC1-18-NB 1.10" PDF
View Price EP4-068-PCC1-32-NB 1.10" PDF
View Price EP4-084-PCC5-12-NB 1.30" PDF
View Price EP4-084-PCC5-18-NB 1.30" PDF
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Customs available upon request

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