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Clip-on, PQFP Emulator Pods

EPC-132-QF03-LG [Larger .1
Clip-On PQFP Pods

Clip-on emulator pods allow you to clip onto PQFP surface mount devices in the target systems.  These clip-on pods provide you with an alternate emulator footprint on the top. 
  • Compact size, can be used as direct interface to emulators
  • Same interface as surface mount version
How to Order

1)  Determine the pin count and footprint of your device (see Footprint Section)
2)  Select the corresponding EPC part # from the table

Ordering Information Example

View Price! Description Dim. A Dim. B PDF
View Price EPC-080-QF14B-SM 0.98" SQ. .775" PDF
View Price EPC-100-QF06A-SM 0.95" X 1.2" .760" PDF
View Price EPC-100-QF06B-SM 0.95" X 1.2" .760" PDF
View Price EPC-100-QF06B-SM-W 2.05" X 2.15" 1.225" PDF
View Price EPC-132-QF03-LG-2 2.4" SQ. .745" PDF
View Price EPC-144-QF10B-ET 1.45" SQ. .750" PDF
View Price EPC-160-QF07A-LG 2.8" SQ. .900" PDF
View Price EPC-160-QF07B-SM 2.8" SQ. .900" PDF
View Price EPC-240-QF62C-SM 1.8" SQ. .725" PDF

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