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SMT BGA Emulator Adapters with Balls on Pads on Top


  • New flat pin arrays with solder balls on top side
  • Perfect for mating a daughter card to a ball grid array surface mount pad area
  • Base package emulator not included
Test Results & Soldering Profile
Ordering Information Example
Description Grid Size Drawing
0.80mm Lead Pitch Adapters
FPA-049-6BG007-BL 7X7 PDF
FPA-100-6BG010-BL 10X10 PDF
FPA-144-6BG013-BL 13X13 PDF
FPA-160-6BG014-BL 14X14 PDF
FPA-176-6BG015-BL 15X15 PDF
FPA-208-6BG017-BL 17X17 PDF
FPA-240-6BG017-BL 17X17 PDF
FPA-281-6BG019-BL 19X19 PDF
FPA-484-6BG022-BL 22X22 PDF
1.00mm Lead Pitch Adapters
FPA-064-3-008-BL 8X8 PDF
FPA-144-3BG012-BL 12X12 PDF
FPA-156-3BG014-BL 14X14 PDF
FPA-160-3BG014-BL 14X14 PDF
FPA-196-3BG014-BL 14X14 PDF
FPA-196-3BG016-BL 16X16 PDF
FPA-208-3BG016-BL 16X16 PDF
FPA-256-3BG016-BL 16X16 PDF
FPA-324-3BG018-BL 18X18 PDF
FPA-324-3BG022-BL 22X22 PDF
FPA-388-3BG026-BL-NS 26X26 PDF
FPA-456-3BG022-BL 22X22 PDF
FPA-456-3BG026-BL 26X26 PDF
FPA-484-3BG022-BL 22X22 PDF
FPA-672-3BG026-BL 26X26 PDF
FPA-680-3BG034-BL 26X26 PDF
FPA-820-3BG034-BL 34X34 PDF
FPA-896-3BG030-BL 30X30 PDF
1.27mm Lead Pitch Adapters
FPA-233-2BG017-BL 17X17 PDF
FPA-256-2BG020-BL 20X20 PDF
FPA-272-2BG020-BL 20X20 PDF
FPA-292-2BG020-BL-NS 20X20 PDF
FPA-304-2BG023-BL 23X23 PDF
FPA-304-2BG029-BL 29X29 PDF
FPA-320-2BG024-BL 24X24 PDF
FPA-352-2BG026-BL 26X26 PDF
FPA-361-2BG019-BL 19X19 PDF
FPA-388-2BG026-BL 26X26 PDF
FPA-400-2BG020-BL 20X20 PDF
FPA-420-2BG026-BL 26X26 PDF
FPA-432-2BG031-BL 31X31 PDF
FPA-456-2BG026-BL 26X26 PDF
FPA-472-2BG022-BL 22X22 PDF
FPA-480-2BG026B-BL 26X26 PDF
FPA-480-2BG029-BL 29X29 PDF
FPA-492-2BG026-BL 26X26 PDF
FPA-560-2BG033-BL 33X33 PDF
FPA-596-2BG030-BL 30X30 PDF
FPA-596-2BG030A-BL 30X30 PDF

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