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SMT BGA Emulator Adapters

FPA without Slot (NS)

  • Execellent for prototyping
  • Low-cost surface-mount solution
  • Solder your BGA chip to the FPA for multiple insertions into a surface-mount BPE (see Here)

Terminals: Brass; Copper Alloy (C36000), ASTM-B-16
Plating: G-Gold over Nickel


FPA (Flat Pin Array) BGA Adapter

Ordering Information Example
0.80 mm Lead Pitch SMT Adapters
Pin Count Description Grid Pattern Drawing
48 FPA-048-6BG6X8-NS 6X8 PDF
49 FPA-049-6BG007-NS 7X7 PDF
100 FPA-100-6BG010-NS 10X10 PDF
121 FPA-121-6BG011-NS 11X11 PDF
144 FPA-144-6BG012-NS 12X12 PDF
176 FPA-0176-6BG015-NS 15X15 PDF
180 FPA-180-6BG014-NS 14X14 PDF
256 FPA-256-6BG020-NS 20X20 PDF
281 FPA-281-6BG019-NS 19X19 PDF
484 FPA-484-6BG022-NS 22X22 PDF
1.00 mm Lead Pitch SMT Adapters
Pin Count Description Grid Pattern Drawing
64 FPA-064-3BG008-NS 8X8 PDF
144 FPA-144-3BG012-WS 12X12 PDF
160 FPA-160-3BG014-NS 14X14 PDF
196 FPA-196-3BG014-NS 14X14 PDF
196 FPA-196-3BG014-WS 14X14 PDF
208 FPA-208-3BG016-WS 16X16 PDF
256 FPA-256-3BG016-NS 16X16 PDF
256 FPA-256-3BG016-WS 16X16 PDF
324 FPA-324-3BG018-WS 18X18 PDF
388 FPA-388-3BG026-WS 26X26 PDF
416 FPA-416-3BG016-WS 26X26 PDF
456 FPA-456-3BG022-NS 22X22 PDF
456 FPA-456-3BG026-WS 26X26 PDF
484 FPA-484-3BG022-WS 22X22 PDF
680 FPA-680-3BG034 34X34 PDF
680 FPA-680-3BG034-WS 34X34 PDF
680 FPA-680-3BG039-NS 39X39 PDF
783 FPA-783-3BG028-NS 28X28 PDF
783 FPA-783-3BG028-WS 28X28 PDF
1152 FPA-1152-3BG034-WS 34X34 PDF
1.27 mm Lead Pitch SMT Adapters
Pin Count Description Grid Pattern Drawing
225 FPA-225-2BG015-NS 15X15 PDF
225 FPA-225-2BG015-WS 15X15 PDF
233 FPA-233-2BG017-WS 17X17 PDF
256 FPA-256-2BG016-NS 16X16 PDF
256 FPA-256-2BG016-WS 16X16 PDF
256 FPA-256-2BG020-NS 20X20 PDF
256 FPA-256-2BG020-WS 20X20 PDF
272 FPA-272-2BG020-NS 20X20 PDF
272 FPA-272-2BG020-WS 20X20 PDF
292 FPA-292-2BG020-NS 20X20 PDF
304 FPA-304-2BG016X19-NS 16X19 PDF
304 FPA-304-2BG016X19-WS 16X19 PDF
304 FPA-304-2BG023-NS 23X23 PDF
313 FPA-313-2BG025-NS 25X25 PDF
324 FPA-324-2BG020-WS 20X20 PDF
352 FPA-352-2BG026-NS 26X26 PDF
356 FPA-352-2BG026-WS 26X26 PDF
356 FPA-356-2BG026-NS 26X26 PDF
356 FPA-356-2BG026-WS 26X26 PDF
357 FPA-357-2BG019-NS 19X19 PDF
357 FPA-357-2BG019-WS 19X19 PDF
361 FPA-361-2BG019-NS 19X19 PDF
388 FPA-388-2BG026-NS 26X26 PDF
388 FPA-388-2BG026-WS 26X26 PDF
400 FPA-400-2BG020-NS 20X20 PDF
432 FPA-432-2BG031-NS 31X31 PDF
432 FPA-432-2BG031-WS 31X31 PDF
441 FPA-441-2BG021-NS 21X21 PDF
441 FPA-441-2BG021-WS 21X21 PDF
452 FPA-452-2BG026-NS 26X26 PDF
452 FPA-452-2BG026-WS 26X26 PDF
456 FPA-456-2BG026-NS 26X26 PDF
456 FPA-456-2BG026-WS 26X26 PDF
480 FPA-480-2BG026-NS 26X26 PDF
480 FPA-480-2BG026B-NS 26X26 PDF
492 FPA-492-2BG026-WS 26X26 PDF
516 FPA-516-2BG026-NS 26X26 PDF
528 FPA-528-2BG030-NS 30X30 PDF
529 FPA-529-2BG023-NS 23X23 PDF
529 FPA-529-2BG023-WS 23X23 PDF
560 FPA-560-2BG033-NS 33X33 PDF
560 FPA-560-2BG033-WS 33X33 PDF
576 FPA-576-2BG024-NS 24X24 PDF
576 FPA-576-2BG024-WS 24X24 PDF
600 FPA-600-2BG035-WS 35X35 PDF
625 FPA-625-2BG025-NS 25X25 PDF
625 FPA-625-2BG025-WS 25X25 PDF
652 FPA-652-2BG035-WS 35X35 PDF
676 FPA-676-2BG026-NS 26X26 PDF
676 FPA-676-2BG026-WS 26X26 PDF
841 FPA-841-2BG029-NS 29X29 PDF
841 FPA-841-2BG029-WS 29X29 PDF
957 FPA-957-2BG031-WS 31X31 PDF
1156 FPA-1156-3BG034-WS 33X33 PDF
Extraction Tools for removing slotted FPA from BPE
Part Number Description Drawing
ET-5504 Slotted FPA Extraction Tool PDF
ET-EXT-FPA-1 Slotted FPA Extraction Tool PDF


Insulator Material:Glass Filled Polyester and Glass Epoxy
Flammability Rating:UL 94V-O
Operating Temperature: 
 Glass Epoxy:-76°F to +284°F
 Plastic:-65°C to +125°C
Pin Material: 
 Brass Pin:10 micro Inches of Gold over 100 micro Inches of Nickel.

Ordering Information Example
0.80 mm Lead Pitch SMT Extenders
Pin Count Description Grid Pattern Drawing
160 XPA-0160-6BG014 14X14 PDF
196 XPA-0196-6BG014 14X14 PDF
256 XPA-0256-3BG016 16X16 PDF
1.00 mm Lead Pitch SMT Extenders
256 XPA-0256-3BG016 16X16 PDF
324 XPA-0324-3BG018 18X18 PDF
388 XPA-0388-3BG026 26X26 PDF
400 XPA-400-3BG020 20X20 PDF
1.27 mm Lead Pitch SMT Extenders
64 XPA-064-2BG010 10X10 PDF
144 XPA-0144-2BG012 12X12 PDF
217 XPA-0217-2BG017 17X17 PDF
255 XPA-0255-2BG016 16X16 PDF
256 XPA-0256-2BG016 16X16 PDF
256 XPA-0256-2BG020 20X20 PDF
272 XPA-0272-2BG020 20X20 PDF
292 XPA-0292-2BG020 20X20 PDF
313 XPA-0313-2BG025 25X25 PDF
336 XPA-0336-2BG020 20X20 PDF
352 XPA-0352-2BG026 26X26 PDF
352 XPA-0352-2BG026-A 26X26 PDF
356 XPA-0356-2BG026 26X26 PDF
357 XPA-0357-2BG019 19X19 PDF
360 XPA-0360-2BG023 23X23 PDF
361 XPA-0361-2BG019 19X19 PDF
388 XPA-0388-2BG026 26X26 PDF
400 XPA-0400-2BG020 20X20 PDF
420 XPA-0420-2BG026 26X26 PDF
452 XPA-0452-2BG026 26X26 PDF
456 XPA-0456-2BG026 26X26 PDF
478 XPA-0478-2BG026-P4 (0.125" Length) 26X26 PDF
478 XPA-0478-2BG026-P4-L (0.250" Length) 26X26 PDF
480 XPA-0480-2BG026-B 26X26 PDF
480 XPA-0480-2BG029 29X29 PDF
492 XPA-0492-2BG026 26X26 PDF
560 XPA-0560-2BG033 33X33 PDF
576 XPA-0576-2BG030 30X30 PDF
596 XPA-0596-2BG030 30X30 PDF
596 XPA-0596-2BG030A 30X30 PDF
600 XPA-0600-2BG035 35X35 PDF
652 XPA-0652-2BG035 35X35 PDF
655 XPA-0655-2BG034 34X34 PDF
728 XPA-0728-2BG027 27X27 PDF

Or you can choose from the following product categories:

Flat Pin Array SMT Emulator Adapters with Balls on Pads on Top (FPA with Balls)

Base Package Emulator Surface Mount Bases (BPE)

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Fax: (408) 982-0664

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