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CLIP-048-SS06-1, CLIP-048-SS06-0
SSOP Test Clips

These test clips provide you with an easy means to connect your instrument to the fine pitch plastic SSOP chip leads.  SSOP test clips are perfect for emulation, field service testing, and failure analysis. 

The locking mechanism holds the clip to the device by gripping the chip body at the ends of the package.  Each contact is individually cantelevered to assure positive contact, regardless of coplanarity.  The top interface connects with high density IDC cable connectors. 


Upper Contacts - .018 sq. pins, Phosphor Bronze, gold plated, 30 microinches Max. 
Lower Contacts - Beryllium Copper, gold plated.  Handle, Aluminum alloy, black anodized.
Body, Ultem and nylon.
Beryllium Copper, gold plated.  Insulation, Kapton.
250 VRMS; 1 Amp; +110°C (+230°F) Max.

20/24 Pin
48/56 Pin
  • Interfaces with high density SSOP chip leads
  • Locking feature insures positive retention on the chip in either vertical or horizontal position
  • Label on top of clip provides a guide for pin numbering
  • Gold plated contacts for the chip leads and the connector pins assure noise free connection
Note: Will not work on .110" or thicker IC
Ordering Information Example
48/56 SSOP Test Clip/Chip Dimensions / Required Board Space
Description Drawing A B C D E F G H I J X Y
CLIP-056-SS06-0 PDF 1.15" .500" .506" .695" 1.50" 1.02" .725" .420" .025" .300" .870" .570"
CLIP-056-SS06-1 PDF
CLIP-056-SS09-1 PDF Consult Drawing
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