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Locking Test Clips - JEDEC

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Locking QFP Test Clips - JEDEC Type

Now you can test your PQFP devices--even while they're soldered to a PC board!  The ET PQFP Clip® is specifically designed to allow testing of surface mounted JEDEC plastic or ceramic Quad Flat Packs.  It piggybacks onto a soldered-in PQFP, and converts the PQFP leads to standard .1" test points, for easy attachment of test instruments.

The special "locking" feature ensures positive electrical interconnection in either the vertical or horizontal plane.  The mechanism locks to the body of the IC, avoiding damage to the leads.

Instructions for Use

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Selectively gold plated Beryllium Copper.
Liquid crystal polymer and Nylon, black.
250 VRMS Max., 1 Amp Max., +110°C (+230°F) Max.
How to Order
Use the tables on these pages to select your test clip, based on the package drawing for your chip.

1)  Select pin count.
2)  Select lead pitch and body size.
3)  Verify the footprint in the Footprint Section

Ordering Information Example
JEDEC QFP Test Clips
View Price! Description Pin Count Lead Pitch (in./mm) Body Size View Footprint PDF
View Price CLIP-100-QF01-2 100 .025/.635 .750" SQ. 100-QF01 PDF
View Price CLIP-132-QF03-0 132 .025/.635 .950" SQ. 132-QF03 PDF
View Price CLIP-132-QF03-1 132 .025/.635 .950" SQ. 132-QF03 PDF
View Price CLIP-132-QF03-2 132 .025/.635 .950" SQ. 132-QF03 PDF (1) (2)
View Price CLIP-196-QF15-2 196 .025/.635 1.35" SQ. 196-QF15 PDF
New clips are introduced year round.  Call the factory if you don't see your size.
Clip Type
TypeTop Circuit BoardHeightTest Points
-0None1.7" Typ..075" Stagger
-14-piece Assembly1.9" Typ..100" In-Line
-21-piece w/ Flex Cable1.9" Typ..100" In-Line
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