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SMD Oscilloscope Test Probe Family

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Designed to provide high performance, reliable SMD testing

SMD Test Probes

Each of the test probes features a sharp, spring-loaded tip to assist users needing to test within an SMD environment where space is limited and the test points are difficult to reach. ET's family of test probes provide testing capability within a variety of applications ranging from low mass, low impedance measurements to probing high power discrete components. meters.

Features and Benefits:
  • Spring contact minimizes pressure on DUT and prevents slippage on the board surface
  • Laser trimmed hybrid circuitry improves accuracy and reliability
  • Reed relay switch with a shielded X10 position prevents accidental operation
  • Fast rise times
  • True frequency response
ET Part Number (click to buy) Application Characteristics Drawing #
ET-PMV511 Timing & voltage high impedance measurements 10 Mohms, 15 pF bandwidths to 500 MHz PDF
ET-PMM501 Low mass, general purpose, high impedance measurements 10 Mohms, 10 pF PDF
ET-PMMZ511 Low-mass, low impedance measurements 450 to 950 ohms, 1.5 pF PDF
ET-PHV641-L Probing high power discrete components 66 Mohms, 3pF 100:1 for measurements to 2 kV PDF
ET-PHV4002-3 Switching power supply, power transmission 1000:1 divider for measurements to 30 kV PDF
ET-PMTG321 General purpose for work bench or field service 10 Mohms, 15 pF or 1 Mohm, 50 pF PDF

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