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Probe Set and Replacement Tips

Probe Picture
Right-Angle Banana Plug End: Brass body, Beryllium Copper spring, Nickel plated. Insulation; polyprobylene, one black and one red.

Probe Set and Replacement Tips

The precise probe set is ideal for making measurements not easily accessible. The right-angle sheathed banana plug provides easy connection to hand-held digital instruments. The plugs fit most Fluke, Tektronix, Hewlett-Packard and Wavetek meters.

INSULATION:Nylon 6 fire retardant, UL94 VO, or fire retardant polypropylene.
WIRE:24 AWG, stranding 45 x 40 tinned copper, silicon rubber .089 (2,26mm) O.D.
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View Price 6341 (Probe set with 5 sets of replacement tips)
View Price 6354 (5 replacement tips)

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