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Extendable Tip Probe to Various Ends

Right Angle Plug
5953A Shown, 5952A has stacking banana plugs
Tip Detail

Stacking Banana Plug End:  Brass body, Beryllium Copper spring, Nickel plated.  Insulation; prolypropylene.  Two pieces: Black and Red.
1ST END:Extendable Probe.  Collet, brass.  Insulation; nylon.  Tip; stainless steel.  Insulation; Kynar.  Chuck Nut, nylon.
WIRE:18 AWG, 65 x 36 t.c., PVC insulated, 3.66mm (.144") O.D.
RATING:1500 V AC/DC; 3 Amps; +55°C (+131°F) Max.
View Price! Part No. 2nd End Length
View Price 5952A Stacking Banana Plug 1219.2mm (48.0")
View Price 5953A Right Angle Plug 1219.2mm (48.0")
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