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Ultra-thin Grabber Test Clips with One or Two Ends

6091-30-0, 6090-40-0
   These test clips are especially designed for testing today's fine-pitched, surface mount devices.  This ultra-thin body contour combined with a 1.2mm/0.5" shaft maximizes the users' ability to stack the clips tightly onto fine-pitched devices with up to 50 mils spacing.  The shaft flexes (up to 36°) for easy access from different angles.
WIRE: Silicone insulated, 2mm (.08") O.D. Overall length of 54mm/2.13"

2ND END: One end only - none.  Two ends - same as first end.

TEMP: -20° to 80°C
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View Price 6090-40-0 (Black - One End Only)
View Price 6090-40-2 (Red - One End Only)
View Price 6091-30-0 (Black - One Each End)
View Price 6091-30-2 (Red - One Each End)
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