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MicroGripper - 0.8mm to 0.5mm Lead Pitch


  • Used to monitor signal on SMT packages up to 0.5mm lead pitch with a logic analyzer or oscilloscope
  • Three adjacent SMT leads (max.) for testing
  • Board under test must be inactive when connecting clips
  • Maximum frequency is 100MHz


Temperature Range:0-70°C
Conductor Resistance:(FP-1B10) 160 mOhms
Conductor Resistance:(FP-1B30) 170 mOhms
Contact Resistance:10 mOhms
Tines Diameter:0.15mm
Body Height:15mm
Body Material:ABS
Voltage Usage:+/-40V
Rating:500 WVDC
Bandwidth:(3db) >100MHz
Inductance:< 1mH @ 1KHz
Capacitance:< 2.0pF @ 1KHz
Material:Steel wire or stainless steel, nickel-plated


Dimensions for FP-1B10   Dimensions for FP-1B30
Part No. Description Qty. PDF
FP-1B10 Gripper, 0.8-0.5mm lead pitch 15mm short tip, no cord Ea. PDF
FP-1B30 Gripper, 0.8-0.55mm lead pitch & 35mm long tip, no cord Ea. PDF
FOP-3 * Jumper lead, 30mm long, female to female Ea. PDF
FOP-4 * Jumper lead, 10mm long, alligator clip to female Ea. PDF
* Necessary if using an oscilloscope
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