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PLCC - Insertion/Extraction Tools

PLCC High Performance Extraction Tools

  • For use with PLCC Sockets with diagonal extracting slits and pin counts from 20 to 84*
  • Smooth extracting procedure.  The lifting apparatus allows for controlled chip extraction since the jaws retract squarely from the center
  • Counter pressure from the device prevents the chip from tilting during extraction
  • Slim construction allows for use on high density boards

   The two steel grip arms fit into the socket's 1.4mm slits, and catch the chip from underneath at the free corners.  The tool supports itself on the edges of the socket.  When the side arms are squeezed, the lifting apparatus slowly pulls up the arms, releasing the chip.
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* Note: With small PLCC's the adjusting screw has to be removed since no counter pressure is necessary.

PLCC Extraction Tool

Pictures of 290N, 290N-SUN
  • Use this to extract PLCC packages from their production sockets
  • Utilizes the two corners of a production socket available for extracting a PLCC
  • Prevents bending or breaking of adjacent leads
  • Puller works on PLCC packages with 20, 28, 32, 44, 52, 68, 84, and 100 pin counts.
290N     290N-SUN
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PLCC Vacuum Insertion Tool

  • Use this tool to easily insert PLCC packages into their sockets
  • Inserter works on PLCC packages with pin counts from 28 to 84
  • Conductive plastic material is an active grounding device against static charging
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