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Flex Circuit Assemblies

As new product packaging continues to shrink, use of flexible circuitry use is rising. ET has the experience and facilities to manage a wide variety of flex and rigid flex applications

Examples of ET Flex Circuit Assemblies

(click image to enlarge)

Flex Assembly Flex Assembly
Rigid-Flex Assembly Rigid-Flex Assembly

Benefits of Flex Assemblies

  • Flexible circuitry allows for more compact designs
  • Wire harnesses and connectors can be eliminated to reduce cost and improve reliability
  • Rigid flex assemblies can provide the benefits of flex without the high cost of multi-layer flex in high density applications
  • Controlled impedance

ET has experience with all common construction methods

  • Polyimide, Polyester, and Teflon base materials
  • Adhesive and adhesiveless systems
  • Copper and aluminum conductors
  • 3 mil trace line and space standard; custom designs down to 1 mil line and space
  • Single or double sided, single or double access
  • Multi-layer flex applications
  • Static and dynamic flex applications
  • Assembly of through-hole, surface mount and bare die components
  • Miniature flex assembly

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